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 Moments and Memories

Since every moment counts, we share with you moments rich in emotions during various evenings.


His greatest tasting memories?  

An 1893 Vouvray from Château Moncontour and a 1947 “Clos du Bourg” mellow Vouvray from Domaine Huet… two meditation wines that are self-sufficient.


SOS Christians of the East

Since 2018 and for each of its charitable events, SOS Chrétiens d'Orient has the joy of collaborating with Antoine Lefort, head sommelier as talented as he is committed. Guests have the pleasure, on each occasion, of tasting prestigious cuvées, chosen by him, which go perfectly with the dishes offered. His wise advice will allow you to confidently choose the wine best suited to your needs.



We remain at your disposal for any questions!

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